usermemberrule with cache timeout

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE Rule PUBLIC 'waveset.dtd' 'waveset.dtd'>
<Rule authType='userMembersRule' name='myUserMemberRule'>

<Comments>List all persons with LDAP attribute uvaBeCode equal to organization name. Timeout of the list-cache is one hour. We had to hardcode the cache timeout as version 8.0 did not respect the cache timeout in the organization form</Comments>

<dolist name='object'>
<invoke name='getResourceObjects' class='com.waveset.ui.FormUtil'>
<s>ou=Medewerkers,o=Universiteit van Amsterdam,c=NL</s>
<ObjectRef type='ObjectGroup' id='#ID#All' name='All'/>

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