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Hi All,

We have resolved this issue by creating our own processor class.


Re: Using forms in SIM SPE by Gaurav JainGaurav Jain, 07 Jun 2008 07:07

Hi all,

We are trying to implement self registration in SIM SPE. We have created our own customized form and trying to use these forms in our scenario.

The flow is like :
On the first page the user selects one of the radio buttons and depending on the button selected, the user is redirected to another SIM form where the user enters the information and clicks submit.

Now the user is displayed a confirmation page showing him the entered values and when the clicks on OK button, the user is created in LDAP. Till now we have used only single form and used the enable/disabled and form reference feature of SIM.Now when the user gets created a confirmation form showing him all the detalis is displayed.

Now the problem is that we are not able to refer the values on the last confirmation form that were entered by the user on previous form. We have used the IDMXUser as Viewer class and com.sun.idm.idmx.web.EnrollmentForm as a processor class. The problem that I could find is that as the button with submit command is pressed the user view is deleted. Although we have created our own processor class to achieve this but if there is another way like setting some variable value to resolve this issue then that will be better.

If anyone can provide some code regarding this, it will be really beneficial for us.

Please put your ideas here.
Any suggestion can be helpful.


Using forms in SIM SPE by Gaurav JainGaurav Jain, 28 May 2008 12:13
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